About Us


 Victor is a lifetime corn guardian and world traveller from Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico. He grew up witnessing the corn fields surrounding Guadalajara slowly disappear from the landscape as industrialized farming and genetically modified seeds took over. He understood the risk of losing the corn native to Mexico and was inspired to do something to protect it. In 2016, he found the perfect land in the Zona Maya of Quintana Roo and The Republic of Corn was born. Since 2019, Victor has been living and working full time on the land developing the project and preserving ancient corn seeds of the area. 


 Lexie arrived to The Republic of Corn in early 2020 and could never find a reason to leave. In the spring of that year she and Victor constructed their first tree house and with love and determination turned The Republic of Corn into a small-scale organic farm. She grew up in the USA where she cultivated an early appreciation for the earth through growing strawberries and tomatoes with her mother. Her university studies in ecological agriculture awoke her to the great risks of industrial farming on the environment, people and animals. She fights to protect the corn to defend the future of real food and seeds that save.