Where the Mayans are

Did the Mayans disappear?

The answer is “no”, Mayans are living day by day around the Yucatan peninsula and Chiapas in Mexico, and Guatemala too.

They are humble people living in harmony with nature and the four elements, preserving habits that have been practiced throughout thousands of years, like the simple fact of handcrafting the unique hammocks in which they sleep in, or cooking with no gas, only with firewood collected from the jungle almost everyday.

The men create and work their corn fields with nothing but their machete and their faith in the God of Rain. Women prepare and grind corn kernels into a precious dough to create amazing handmade tortillas. In addition, Mayans are really good cooks, their gastronomy is full of flavor, very spiced and acidic, found nowhere else in the world. 

I have been very lucky to become their neighbor and experience the lifestyle I am trying to tell you about here. As this is something you would have to feel it to discover yourself, my wish is to respectfully share this magic with the world by opening the doors of my house to like minded people to come visit. When staying here, at my project, you would have opportunities to learn how to make tortillas, harvest honey with locals, weave your own hammock, and live in the Mayan jungle, eating exotic tropical fruits and ancient corn.